Journey to Jesus

Are you struggling to find purpose and meaning in your life?  Are you tired of being unsure of your salvation?  Do you want to know how to hear from God?  If so, I prayed you here.

God has greatly impressed upon my heart to develop a challenge for you.  If God offered you a chance at a completely changed spiritual life, would you take it?  Will you give your life to Him completely?  Will you choose faith?  Will you slowly but surely give up everything to follow Him?  Will you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness?  How much is pursuing God worth to you?

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who approaches Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  Hebrews 11:6 (BSB)

I personally struggled in my own journey to saving faith.  I struggled with assurance – going from one ditch of “lukewarm” to the other of trying to “prove” my salvation.  If you can relate – I encourage you to read my story here – I Believe… Help My Unbelief!

I want to walk beside you as you lay a firm foundation for your faith.  I want to hold your hand as you build upon that foundation.  God can transform you in miraculous ways – if you let Him.  Do you accept His challenge?

download (1).jpg

I invite you to take a one year journey with Jesus.  Allow Him to work in your heart and create a testimony of His wondrous mercy and grace!

This program follows Evangelical Christian teaching and is designed to lay a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.  You are welcome to read our Statement of Faith for specific beliefs.  As well, here are the Steps to Salvation.

Links to posts will be added as they become available.

Month 1 – Laying the Foundation

  1. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  2. You Are Loved
  3. God Wants Your Whole Heart
  4. Steps to Christian Transformation
  5. Indifferent to Sin
  6. Concerned About Personal Sin
  7. Understand a Need For Forgiveness
  8. Commitment to Christianity (The Religion)

Month 2 – Identity in Christ

Month 3 – The Pursuit of Holiness

Month 4 – The Practice of Godliness

Month 5 – The Fruit of the Spirit

Month 6 – Spiritual Disciplines

Month 7 – Called to Greatness

Month 8 – Discovering Your Calling

Month 9 – Applying Your Spiritual Gifts

Month 10 – The Refiner’s Fire

Month 11 – Occupy Until He Comes

Month 12 – Giving Thanks


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