Before You Begin…..

I am so excited you have chosen to accept this faith challenge!  The estimated time commitment is 15 minutes per day for reading and small assignments.  The entire program takes approximately one year to complete, depending how quickly you work through the lessons.  Please do not feel pressured or guilty if you cannot keep up.  Set your own pace!

The program follows Evangelical Christian teaching and is designed to lay a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.  You are welcome to read our Statement of Faith for specific beliefs.


  • Please follow the posts in order, reading through and completing the assignments as instructed.  Links to new posts will be added on the home page as they become available.
  • The Main Posts menu can be found here:
  • Eventually there will be one post available per day, but for now it may be a few a week.  They do not currently align with the calendar, so just do them in order whatever day you start.
  • The program can be completed independently on this website or through Facebook.

Supplies Needed:

  • internet access
  • prayer journal – this can be a plain notebook, a binder with looseleaf, or a pre-printed journal
  • (access to a printer) – from time to time, it would be helpful to print certain things.  Alternately you can save them to a device.
  • (binder) – to keep printouts if you choose to print them out


Remember that ultimately this is about the relationship between you and God.  It’s like any other relationship – it takes time and dedication!  I promise you that God will show up and change your heart dramatically.  Are you ready for Him?


Main Menu – One Year to a Changed Life



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